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I'm Kyle Wenig

San Francisco based Product Designer with a background in the shipping logistics and supply chain industry.

Mobile Ops. - A powerful and super user-friendly marine operations app for your crew & fleet.

Westar Marine Services Mobile Ops_edited.jpg

Role: UX Design + UI Design
Type: Mobile App
Date: Jan-March- 2022

Re-design of a maritime logistics tool that helps keep your operations team safe and productive.


Role: UX Design + UI Design
Type: Web/Mobile App
Date: Oct-Dec 2022

An e-commerce site for an emerging eyewear company. Crafted from the finest materials for durability and long-lasting wear. These shades are the epitome of style, quality and are guaranteed to turn heads.  

Automatic Ocean - Helping reef keepers keep a healthy reef, from wherever they are in the world.

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 2.33.25 PM.png

Role: UX Design + UI Design
Type: iOS Mobile App.
Date: 2021-2022

Designed for the saltwater reefing community, Automatic Ocean makes the hobby safer, more stable and more controllable than ever before, from wherever you may happen to be in the world.

Instagram Tutorials - Promoting camaraderie through culture, cuisine and a little fun!

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 3.37_edited.jpg

Role: UX Design + UI Design
Type: App - Add a New Feature
Date: 2021-2022

A creative way to help people find, share and experience new recipes from around the globe. We combine the joy of nostalgic cooking books with the ease of the digital world... and a little more!

Sonic Breach - Breathe, Create, Inspire. Mixing & Mastering services for independent artists.

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 6.38.00 PM.png

Client: Sonic Breach Founder
Role: UX/UI Design + Branding
Date: 2021

An emerging Audio Engineering company that offers their mixing and mastering services to artists who want to learn, connect with professionals, and book sessions all in one place.

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